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Nice to meet you, I'm Virna ✨

I am a Brazilian UX/UI designer living in Toronto with 4+ years of experience in Product Design.

Due to my background as a web designer, UX designer, and as a UI designer taking care of a Design system, I value organization, consistency, and building interfaces that make sense not only to the users but also to the team I'm working with.

What I can bring to the table is curiosity and a willingness to help whenever necessary. I consider myself collaborative, adaptable, and perceptive to details.

Since I got into UX/UI design, I've worked in different industries, such as newspaper, telecommunication, and recently real estate. Experiencing different roles and areas made me realize the common denominator is my love for collaborating with the team, exchanging knowledge while solving problems, and building interfaces and experiences!

As a person 👽, my interests are:
Drawing, biking, horror movies, ice cream, walking and exploring neighbourhoods aimlessly ❤️

Career & Resume

UI Designer

Superlógica Tecnologias  - Campinas (SP), Brazil (july 2020 - August 2022)

Created and managed a Multi brand Design System; Monitored and promoted product improvements; Designed solutions for a super app and SaaS ERP; Helped other designers to maintain consistency.

UX Analyst

Evolux - Natal (RN), Brazil  (april 2018 - Jun 2020)

Ran user researches and usability tests; Designed solutions for a Telecommunication SaaS platform; Improved design processes at the company.

Web Designer

Tribuna do Norte - Natal (RN), Brazil (july 2015 - march 2018)

Designed solutions for a Real estate and a housing marketplace; Designed an interface for the News website; Created landing pages; Exported designs to HTML & CSS


Seven 25 Design & Typography, Vancouver (BC), Canada (May - August 2014)

Created landing pages; Designed and managed the interface of a client's blog

Open resume ↗

Reach out!

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